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Study And Work In France

Edge Overseas Educational Services provides you the options to study and work in France. When you think about in France, you can discover schools, colleges, and foundations that are particularly given to the subject you are most intrigued by. Studying abroad in France can be very costly and living off your savings for one semester or more doesn’t help make it any easier. Working in France can help make your monthly budget easier to manage and more affordable. Working in France will expose you to real life situations on a constant basis where you can master things like French numbers, customer service skills, and office jargon. Working in France is a great way to really immerse you into French life, culture, and language.

Study and work in France is a huge opportunity, which everyone should grab. Edge Overseas also supports students for accommodation and also assist students where to learn French for free. Edge overseas also provides work permit information after programs and internships.

A universal student from outside of European Union, which is what Indian students are, cannot work over 964 hours/year. During term-time, low maintenance business (i.e. greatest of 20 hours/week) is allowed. During occasions, you can work all day.

While study and work in France can also make your resume stand out when looking for a job post-graduation. A quick tip to make sure that your France work experience won’t go to waste, apply to jobs in France that focus on your major or career goals, so that future employers can see how the skills you gained from working abroad can be used at their company. Edge Overseas helps you throughout the whole process for overseas education and makes it easy and fast for students who want to study in abroad.

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