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IELTS Speaking Tips

Speaking tips for IELTS are essential for scoring high bands. The IELTS speaking tests marked out of 9 bands according to the following criteria: Fluency and coherence, Vocabulary, Grammar and Accuracy, and Pronunciation.

It is important to follow instructions in the interview. Listen carefully to the questions so that you answer them correctly. If you do not understand a question or a word, do not be afraid to ask the examiner to repeat the question or explain a word.

  • Speak carefully and audibly.
  • Read the bullet points on the prompt card carefully.
  • Use a wide range of grammatical structures and sentences.
  • Use a broad range of vocabulary.
  • Remember to extend your answer, especially in the discussion-give examples, an opinion, reasons etc.
  • Keep talking- do not worry that you may have had a mistake.
  • Maintain eye contact with the examiner.
  • Be positive and smile.
IELTS Speaking Tips

IELTS 9-band scale

Band 9 Expert User
Band 8 Very Good User
Band 7 Good User
Band 6 Competent User
Band 5 Modest User
Band 4 Limited User
Band 3 Extremely Limited User
Band 2 Intermittent User
Band 1 Non User
Band 0 Did not Attempt Test
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